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New & Optional Rules

Aiming - By Christian Conkle

Poisons & Toxins - By J. K. Wykowski

Calling for Divine Aid
Learning New Skills & Spells (Advanced Rules) Sailing & Ocean Travel - By J. Keith Wykowski Two Weapon Combat - By Trey Coonrod
Guarding Falling & Falling Injury

Learning a Single Spell

Weapon Breakage Riding Animals Called Shots
Miscellaneous Injuries Pets & other Trained Animals Sample Lore Skills
Contacts & NPC Friends Starting PCs after 1st Level Swimming & Diving Rules
Visibility & Lighting


Christian Conkle

This works only for bows and other missile weapons that allow targeting. Each action spent aiming will grant a bonus of 1/10th of the character's weapon skill. The character can spend up to 1/10th of the weapon skill in actions aiming. Any additional time spent aiming will not improve the chance to strike the target. Character aiming may not move while aiming.



The guard must state that she is guarding a specific person, close group, or item. The recipient will receive the Full Defensive Tactics of the guard. The guard must spend the entire action guarding and cannot attempt any other actions. If the guard herself is targeted while defending, then the guard only receives her 1/4 Defensive Tactics. If the target is missed while being guarded there is a chance that the guard will take injury. The guard must make a successful Agility or Dexterity roll (whichever is appropriate) to avoid injury.


Two Weapon Combat

By Trey Coonrod

The warrior must have a weapon skill for each hand (Sword RH, and Sword LH for example). The character can then make one of three specialty actions.

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod, except as noted.