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Learning a Single Spell

While most students of magic learn an entire arkana, with all of the associated theory and knowledge, some are simply taught a single spell by a grateful tutor.  Be it a Priestess of Mures who wishes to learn Heal, or a Protector who simply never wishes to be disarmed again, some casters never fully follow a career of magic.  Other spell-casters may choose to learn one other spell from an arkana that they do not have the ability to cast normally in order to broaden their repertoire.  While easier than trying to master an entire arkana, learning even the simplest spell is arduous and time consuming. 

Any character with a Magical Aptitude (INT + WIL) of 121 or greater can learn up to three single spells.  Each single spell is a separate skill and must be advanced individually.  Single spells cannot be specialized and must be selected from the First Power of any Arkana.  Single spells are Magic Skills with INT + WIL + LUC as base attributes.  A character does not need to purchase Learn Spells to learn single spells.  After creation a single spell requires three weeks of study, and a successful Knowledge default roll to learn.  A critical success of this Knowledge default check will result in a mere two weeks of study.  A critical failure means that the spell is forever beyond the understanding of the character unless he learns the full Arkana later.  The base skill and the letter code for the new spell skill are determined normally.

If a character with a Single Spell skill eventually learns the larger Arkana, then the Single Spell skill percentage should continue to be used until the Cast Spells skill surpasses it.  Once this occurs, the skill becomes a specialization in that specific spell at a value determined by the chart below.

Skill Value

Value of new Specialization

Skill Value

Value of new Specialization
01 - 30 Specialization is + 2 71 - 75 Specialization is + 9
31 - 35 Specialization is + 3 76 - 80 Specialization is + 10
36 - 40 Specialization is + 4 81 - 85 Specialization is + 11
41 - 45 Specialization is + 5 86 - 90 Specialization is + 12
46 - 50 Specialization is + 6 91 - 100 Specialization is + 13
51 - 60 Specialization is + 7 101 - 125 Specialization is + 14
61 - 70 Specialization is + 8 125 + Specialization is + 15


2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod