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Lighting & Visibility

Most of the skills assume that the characters are in a well illuminated place.  However, very few dungeons and caverns have many natural light sources.  Depending upon the race of the character, the source of lighting, and her distance from it, certain skills could become far more difficult.  These modifiers and additional rules should be used whenever the characters are not in optimal lighting conditions.

No player race can see in absolute darkness.  Any sealed area without any light will effectively blind every PC unless they have some sort of magical vision.  Races with night-vision require at least a small amount of light, equivalent to starlight, to see. 

This light must remain in line of sight of the character to be effective.  In other words the light emanating from the light source must radiate far enough to be seen by the PC.  If the light stops just short of a bend in the passage.  No light will radiate around that corner for the character to use for night-vision.  Even then they will not be able to see as well as they would with moonlight or sunlight. 

Consult the table below to determine the current relative lighting that the characters are adventuring with.  For incandescent (man-made) sources this is the distance from the light source.  Those with night-vision should add their night-vision range to the listed value.  

Incandescent Source Bright Dim Shadowy Dark Blind
Candle under 6" 6" to 7.5' 7.6' to 12.5' 12.6' to 17.6' 17.6' +
Torch / Oil Lamp under 2.5' 2.5' to 12.5' 12.6' to 17.5' 17.6' to 22.5' 22.6' +
Campfire (3-5' diameter) under 2.5' 2.5' to 15' 15' to 25' 26' to 40' 41' +
Create Light Spell under 7.5' 7.5' to 17.5' 17.6' to 22.5' 22.6' to 27.5' 27.6' +
Daylight Spell under 50' 50' to 75' 76' to 80' 80 to 85' 86' +

Natural, or omni-present, sources will always have constant conditions.  Check under the appropriate heading to determine the current quality of vision for the character based on her night-vision range.  Adding a pinpoint source to an omni-present source will increase the vision level to the brightest allowed between the two.  Overhead cover and inclement weather conditions should lower the source's brightness level.

Natural Source Level of Outside Lighting from Moon or other Celestial Objects
Racial Night-vision (in ft) Starlight 1/4 Moon Half Moon 3/4 Moon Full Moon
00 - 04 Dark Dark Shadowy Shadowy Dim
05 - 19 Dark Shadowy Shadowy Shadowy Bright
20 - 59 Shadowy Shadowy Shadowy Dim Bright
60 - 99 Shadowy Shadowy Dim Bright Bright
100 - 110 Shadowy Dim Bright Bright Bright
111 - 119 Dim Dim Bright Bright Bright
120 - 129 Dim Bright Bright Bright Bright
130 + Bright Bright Bright Bright Bright

When switching from one level of lighting to another it will take any character a few rounds to adjust their eyes.  Those expecting and prepared for the change in lighting will only require 1d10/5 actions.  Those with night-vision above 40' will only require 1d10/5 rounds.  All others will require 1d10/2 rounds for their eyes to re-adjust to their new surroundings.  While adjusting to the change in illumination, all characters suffer as if they were in shadowy conditions.

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod