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Called Shots

When targeting a specific place on a humanoid creature, the attacker attempts a called shot.  Since these rules do not normally use hit-locations for determining injury, most injury is dealt to the Injury point total of the entire body.  These represent small cuts, bruises, and punctures that cover the body.  Called shots, while targeting a specific area, deal their injury to the full IP of the victim.  They also have a greater chance for a secondary effect similar to a critical hit.

To perform a called shot the location must be determined beforehand.  The body locations that may be targeted are: back, chest, head, arm, leg, hand, groin, eye, ear, nose, and foot.  Depending upon the location targeted, there is a penalty to strike cumulative with any other modifiers for that strike (DT, lighting, movement, etc).  Characters who would have under a 05% chance to hit may not attempt a called shot.


Back                                        - 10%


Hand                                        - 30%


Lower Torso                            - 10%


Groin                                        - 30%


Upper Torso                            - 10%


Eye                                          - 40%


Head                                        - 20%


Ear                                           - 40%


Arm                                         - 20%


Heart                                        - 40%


Leg                                          - 20%


Lung                                         - 40%

                        If the strike is successful then roll for injury normally.  In many cases there will not be any secondary effects to the target location.  If the die roll for injury is a 6 - 9 then the secondary effect is applied.  The secondary effect is always temporary and will only continue until injury points are healed.  If the injury roll is 10, or if a critical strike was rolled, then instead apply the appropriate effects as if a critical was rolled for that area.  All attribute rolls have a penalty equal to the injury inflicted.


Body Location

Secondary Effects

Use Critical Results…


AGL or fall down. 1 action to stand.

60 – 64

Lower Torso

Wind knocked out.  HEA or lose 1 round.

31 – 36


Add one effect level to the injury dealt.

60 – 64


Stunned for 1 round.  – 5% to all skills for 1d10 rounds.

55 – 59

Arm (Weapon)

- 5% to strike w/ arm.  – 1 Injury Done

80 – 84

Arm (Shield)

- 5 to all actions w/ arm.

70 – 74


- 5% to DT and all AGL based skills

75 – 79


- 10% to all skills with hand.

85 – 89


Stunned for 1 round.  – 10 to DT, and all AGL based skills.

92 – 93


Vision clouded.  – 10 to skills w/ depth perception

96 – 97


½ Hearing

94 – 95

Heart or Lung

2 Point bleeding injury until healed.

98 - 100


© 2000 J.K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod