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Suggested Lore Skills

Some of the following are Lore skills that have been suggested or used in Alpha Arkana.  These are only a few of the myriad possibilities.  Just about any branch of knowledge or skill can be a lore skill.  This list is only designed to give you a few ideas or examples.  The broader the subject range, the less specific knowledge is known about any one sub-grouping.  For example: Geography of E'gath Empire will only tell of major cities and landmarks, while Geography of the City of Waterdown will tell of all the famous and infamous haunts and establishments in town.

Animal Handling & Training Fine Wines, Ales & Liquors Pleasures of the Flesh Siege Warfare & Tactics
Geography of E'gath Empire Geography of a specific Duchy Geography of a specific Town Geography of a specific Area
Church of any one Diety General Religion  Customs of any one race Geomantic locations of power
Imperial Politics Personas of a location Personas of a specific group General Monster Rumors
Abilities of a specific creature History of Warlon History of Hannaran Empire History of E'gath
History of a specific place History of a specific group History of a specific person History of a specific race
Chess Sailing Vessels Laws of a specific place Laws of E'gath Empire
Heraldry Poisons & Toxins Stagecraft Theatrical Combat
Storytelling Jokes & Riddles Gardening Specific Sports or Games
Gems & Precious Metals Specific Occupation Magical Circles & Runes Ports of Call in Pellini Isles

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod