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Miscellaneous Injury


Extreme Weather Conditions

Heat & Cold will deal 1d10 injury per hour of direct exposure.  Indirect exposure will deal 1d10 injury daily.  Certain precautions may limit or negate any injury dealt.  No injury acquired from extreme weather conditions may be healed with prayers or magic.  It must be healed naturally.


Very Heavy Clothing

Warmth Spells

Fire & other Heat sources


Lots of Water


Cooling Spells


Burns & Fire Injury (Non-magical)

Torch 1d10 Injury per strike.  3d10 per round of direct contact.
Branding Iron 1d10/2 Injury per strike.  2d10 per full round.
Campfire 2d10 per strike/action.  3d10 per full round.
Bonfire 3d10 per strike/action.  6d10 per full round.


2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod