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Animals, Familiars, and Pets

Many adventurers have pet dogs, horses, or even a magical familiar.  These animals can bring a lot of personality to the owner, and flavor the adventures with a new spice.  These rules will bring greater depth and knowledge into the skills, advancement, and attributes of the various animals.  Only normal animals follow these rules.  Sentient creatures, including pecks, and many of the magical monsters of the game must use the Advanced New Skill Rules instead.

The first step is to choose or identify the species of animal for the pet.  Each species has a separate HEA, STR, AGL, DEX, and movement rate.  All animals have the same INT + WIL however.  Animal Intellect is always rolled on a 1d10, while animal Willpower is rolled with 4d10.  The following chart will determine the physical attribute of the animal or pet.  Attributes for horses and beasts of burden can be found in Riding Animals.

Bird, Small 10 + 1d10 5 + 1d10 45 + 1d10 5 + 1d10 FLY 60ft
Bird, Large 20 + 1d10 10 + 1d10 45 + 1d10 10 + 1d10 FLY 60ft
Bird, Hunting 25 + 1d10 15 + 1d10 50 + 1d10 25 + 1d10 FLY 60ft
Dog, Small 20 + 1d10 10 + 1d10 45 + 1d10 25 + 1d10 RUN 37ft
Dog, Large 30 + 1d10 20 + 1d10 45 + 1d10 30 + 1d10 RUN 42ft
Dog, Hunting 35 + 1d10 30 + 1d10 50 + 1d10 30 + 1d10 RUN 45ft
Cat, Small 15 + 1d10 10 + 1d10 50 + 1d10 30 + 1d10 RUN 37ft
Cat, Hunting 35 + 1d10 30 + 1d10 55 + 1d10 30 + 1d10 RUN 50ft
Rodent, Small 5 + 1d10 5 + 1d10 45 + 1d10 25 + 1d10 RUN 30ft
Rodent, Large 15 + 1d10 15 + 1d10 45 + 1d10 25 + 1d10 RUN 35ft
Toad 1d10 1d10 20 + 1d10 5 + 1d10 HOP 5ft
Snake, Small 10 + 1d10 10 + 1d10 20 + 1d10 10 + 1d10 SLITHER 20ft
Snake, Large 30 + 1d10 20 + 1d10 30 + 1d10 20 + 1d10 SLITHER 35ft

Animals can learn certain skills and tricks.  Animals will increase their skills or add new skills when their owner does.  When the owner advances to a new level of experience, the pet will gain two skill slots to improve or learn new skills.  Animals cannot increase their attributes.  All animals have Defensive Tactics.  Most animals are skilled in Swimming, Combat (Natural Weapon Brawling), Camouflage and Hiding.  Hunting animals have been trained in Hunting/Tracking.  The full list of skills that an animal can learn follows with a brief description of each.  Not every animal can learn every skill.  Some discretion is required for logic's sake.

Name of Animal Skill Brief Description of Skill
Battle Trained The animal will not spook in combat.  Generally taught only to horses and other skittish animals.
Camouflage Hiding in the underbrush and in natural surroundings.
Climbing Climbing trees, difficult terrain, but few other barricades.
Combat Attacking with any and all natural weapons.  Bites, Claws, Horns, etc.
Defensive Tactics Defending oneself from attack.
General Basic domestication and training.  Riding for horses.  Sit, stay, etc.
Guard Guarding and watching a certain location or individual.  Will attempt to make noise or drive away intruders.
Hiding Hiding in a civilized or populated environment such as a town or city.
Housetrained Will wait until the proper setting for organic duties and requirements.
Hunting Will track a subject by scent, sound, or sight.  Will not attack unless told.
Stealth Sneaking about very quietly.
Swimming Doggy paddle, staying mostly afloat. 
Trick (per individual trick) Similar to a Lore skill.  Each trick must be learned separately.

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod