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Weapon Breakage

Most of the time in Alpha Arkana a weapon will never break.  The game assumes that each character will sharpen, polish, repair, and keep her weapons in good physical condition.  Except for very unusual circumstances, only critical fumbles will have the potential to break a weapon.  On the Melee Critical Fumbles table there are several entries that require a weapon breakage roll.  These percentages are based on the standard iron weapon used by most warriors in and around the Empire.  If the GM desires, the following modifiers based on the material used and the quality of the weapon may be used.  Some weapons are made from two different materials that have been fused or joined in some way.  Use the modifier that closely describes the endangered weapon. 

Material Used


Material Used / Quality

Leather + 20 Wood & Steel - 5
Bone + 15 Steel - 20
Wood + 15 Bows (Line snaps) + 30
Wood & Bronze + 25 Special Materials (Stone, ivory) Varies
Bronze + 10 Poor Quality + 10
Wood & Iron + 15 High Quality Weapon - 5
Iron + 0 Magical Weapon NEVER


2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod