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A Contact is a friend or acquaintance that the PC knows who may aid her in times of need.  Contacts can sell goods or services of which the party is in dire need.  Most contacts are not especially important or influential.  They often have limited skills, resources, or knowledge but are willing to aid the PCs.  For a price.  Contacts come in three basic levels of friendship.  A contact will treat the character accordingly, and will expect to be treated the same.  Contact levels can increase or decrease as the campaign continues.  The better treated the contact, the friendlier the contact will be.  In addition, the character can choose to know a group of people.  Groups also follow the same basic levels but also have a size level.  The size level refers to how large the group is, how much power the exert, and how well the character knows the group.  While some groups may be very large and cover the entire Empire, only those in the group that know the character will aid her. 

At creation the PC has a certain number of contact points (cp).  Add 1/10th the BEA and CHA attributes together.  This should give a total between 5 and 16.  Some GMs may choose to allow the purchase of 8 additional cp for a skill slot.  No more than one skill slot can be sold in this manner.  The following list describes the types and costs of each type of contact.  Each contact is an individual and should have a name, location, and a brief description.


Examples of Contacts include...

Imperial Soldier Hedge Wizard Guild Wizard (low level)
City Guardsman Underworld Enforcer Pickpocket
Burglar Squire Magistrate of a small town
Minor Official in larger town Peasants Low Level Priests
Low Level Adventurers Merchants Sailors
Craftsmen Low Level (weak) Sentient Monsters Innkeeper
Town Crier Traveling Smiths Bandits
Servants Minstrels Wanderers

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod