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Religious Levels

 Priests and protectors are not the only ones with a belief in the deities of Selan.  Everyone on the continent will have some belief or non-belief in every church they come across.  Anyone has the ability to pray and attempt to reach his or her god for assistance.  The more the character strives for the god, his goals, and venerates his beliefs the more likely the god is to listen and assist.  This does not simply include donations of money.  Deities have little use for gold, silver, gems, or other trinkets.  They have the ability to create vast amounts if they desired.  They don’t.  Nor are the gods tricked by false piety.  The character must truly strive and work for the god and his works to receive any benefits or bonuses.  There are several basic ratings that can be used to rate characters on the basis of worship.

 Non-believer – Has no faith in the god or pantheon.  Most likely believes in another pantheon, culturally different in beliefs and traditions.  The actual deity may be the same being with simply another name, but this still doesn’t give the character a belief in that deity.  Non-believers have a –20% chance to receive aid.

 Worshipper – Has faith and believes in the overall pantheon and the deities within it.  This is the most common level for player characters and non-player characters alike.  A worshipper will most likely pray and tithe to the god or goddess needed at the moment.  When growing crops, Marach and Loreth will be prayed to.  On the eve of a battle, Toln will have a ceremony in his honor.  Worshippers have a base 1% chance to receive aid.

 Devotees – This group believes in the pantheon and has chosen a single deity as a patron god or goddess.  They will pray and tithe to the others as needed, but most of their time and attention will be to their patron deity.  They spend large amounts of time, energy, and prayer towards their god.  This is not done out of selfish or faithless reasons.  Devotees truly believe that their patron cares for them personally, will protect them, care for them, and they wish to venerate him in thanks.  They have a 10% base chance that their patron god will aid them.

 Priests & Protectors – Both of these occupations spend their entire lives in devotion and sacrifice for their god.  They tend to tithe well over 75% of their income or more to their churches.  They retain or receive just enough to survive, not necessarily prosper.  They will sacrifice their lives for the goals and glory of their god.  As the most holy and devout of believers they receive a base 25% chance to receive aid.

Modifiers to Receive Aid

In good favor with the deity                                                              + 1

Out of favor with the deity                                                               - 10

Acting in the active interests of the deity                                       + 5 to 25

Acting against the interests or principles of the deity                  NO CHANCE

Feeling of assurance or doubt required as aid                                  + 10

Coincidental aid acceptable                                                              - 0

Spell-like or priestly power required (non-minister)                          - 10

Sending of Apostle, Angel, Elemental or Demon                              - 15

Sending of Avatar required                                                              - 30

Direct Divine intervention required                                                   - 50


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