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Swimming Skill

The swimming skill deals with most activities in the water: Swimming, Diving, Underwater searching, etc.  If the character does not have a Swimming skill then use a default using the skill formula of:

( HEA + STR + LUC) 3.

This roll should only be used when a character is diving from a great height, swimming in choppy water, swimming while encumbered, or trying something else dangerous or heroic.  Swimming across the still pond should not be dangerous unless the creature within is hungry.  Movement while swimming should be at the same rate as that character walking.  A character can hold her breath underwater for a number of rounds equal to 1/10th her health.  1d10 injury should be inflicted every round until she can breathe normally again.  Vision is reduced to 1/10th the Normal Vision of the character.  Smell and taste are negated for most player races, unless you want to taste the water.

Every successive hour of swimming will require a HEA roll or the character will begin to tire.  Floating is not the same and will require a HEA roll only every six hours.  If the roll is failed, then the next HEA roll will have a penalty of -10.  This penalty is cumulative with all other penalties accrued until the character rests.  If the character fails three successive rolls then the character has drowned.

Diving can be dangerous.  Only dives of more than twenty feet in height should be checked unless there is a large amount of debris in the water, or some other inherent danger.  A dive roll uses the swimming skill.  A failure in diving will result in the character rolling for Falling Injury.  All falling injury should be halved automatically.  A critical failure in diving will result in full falling injury.

Modifiers for Swimming

Diving (Height of Dive) Mod

Particular Effect or Environment

01 - 10' + 10 Rough or Choppy waters - 10
11 - 15' + 0 Very Stormy Weather - 25
16 - 20' - 5 Armor being Worn - 2x PV
21 - 25' - 10

Equipment Carried

- lbs.
26 - 30' - 15

Failed at least one HEA endurance roll

- 10

after 31' the mod is additional -10 for every 5'


- 25

Makeshift flotation device

+ 50

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod