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Overview Information

Political Information

Historical Information

Duchy of Waterdown

County of Varley

Town of Cambe

High Peak County

Town of Sisak

Rythani County

Town of Dalius

Hollack County

City of Waterdown

Haskin County

Town of Thurles

Duchy of Peirlyean

Duchy of Rothgar

Duchy of Kirodan

Nevan Lake Area

Nevan River Area

Town of Lakeside

Town of Doonberg

Overview of the Duchy

The Duchy of Waterdown is a prosperous section of the Empire centered around the Nevan Lake. With this large lake, and three major rivers running through the duchy, Waterdown is a very wealthy trading center for the western side of the Empire. The Duke of Waterdown, Torin Hollack is an experienced spell sword with a healthy respect for everyone in his care. His seat of power is the City of Waterdown along the western coast of the Nevan Lake. From there he rules the duchy, Hollack county, and the city itself. While having never been a merchant, Duke Hollack is quite shrewd and can easily sense a good bargain or a lousy deal from even the toughest merchant.

Political Information

Currently the Duchy is not embroiled in any political maneuvering or feuds. The Duchy has always supported the Emperor and all Imperial edicts, and have excellent relations with the Imperial Family. The only problem that the duchy currently faces is that of pirates that operate on the three rivers and the lake.

Historical Information

The Duchy was one of the first founded during the Great Rebellion against the Warlon Empire. A commander in the elven army named Mordred Hollack defected to the side of the lesser races. One of his servants who fought by his side took his family name when the original Hollack was killed in battle. That particular Hollack and his decendants have kept the Hollack tradition alive for the Duchy of Waterdown.

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