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Waterdown Map

The City of Waterdown

Crest of Waterdown

The city of Waterdown lies on the edge of the Nevan Lake. This lake and the Nevan River that lies near the city accounts for most of the trade and wealth the city enjoys. Originally a sea fortress for the Elven Empire, it was operated by a spell-sword named Mordred Hollack. One of the few human sympathizers in the elven hierarchy, he fully supported the Great Rebellion with money, organization, and military power. Waterdown was one of the first cities to fall to Tahlin. That humble fortress of old is now a large city of surpassing wealth and has a competent navy.

The current ruler of Waterdown is Duke Torin Hollack, a descendant of the servants of Mordred Hollack. Tireless and extremely proud of the city his forefather's built, he continually strives to exceed himself. Born into the nobility his father encouraged his sons to adventure and gain the skills and temperaments required of TRUE nobility. His adventuring paid off handsomely and he learned the art of the spell-sword. His companions from those days are still with him, assisting in the government of the city.

Baron Akron Bone-snapper is a Motul warrior from the lakeside area. A grizzled veteran of several military campaigns, he currently heads the City Watch and Militia as the Master of the City Guard. Under his command are several Watch Captains that are responsible for the day to day operations in their districts.

The Ducal Navy of Waterdown is small but very effective. A mere six sailing vessels, they are designed to be fast, sturdy, and able to also traverse the rivers. Commander McGree is an acquaintance of Torin Hollack's. They met while he was escorting a group of missionaries to the northlands. While travelling they were ambushed by pirates, and McGree's knowledge and skill as a captain impressed Torin. Once he became duke the job was McGree's. McGree currently commands a navy of seven captains, all of whom are very good at their jobs. Six of the captains are out on duty at all times, while the seventh waits in reserve. The reserve captain and his crew consider this a welcome break and relaxation.

The High Judge of Waterdown is Anthony Barracus, a judge of Sullum. His authority includes review of all matters judicial, and assigning the individual judges to cases. Under his control is a host of other Judges, all experienced and well seasoned. Each Judge has three clerks to assist him in the minutia and paperwork that accompanies his title.

The current High Priest of Waterdown is Alexander Gunther. In addition to the duties of the representative of the holy orders in town he is also the High Priest of Synnia. His open and friendly nature appeals not only to the priests under his ward but also the other guild masters.

The rest of the advisory council is lead by the leaders of the various guilds in town. The craft guild is operated by a venerable goblin named Geoff Harding. Master Harding is a superb shipwright and owns Harding's Vessels in the Old Fortress.

The Merchant's guild-mistress is a woman named Lionna Fairweather. Her father taught her how to trade goods and sell dear. As her wealth and fame grew she began to settle down within the town and organize other merchants. She has become quite influential within the city.

Working closely with Mistress Fairweather is Samuel Croft. Master Croft is the head of the Sailor's guild, and was excellent sailor himself. After being land-bound after a sailing accident the other captains named him their guild master. A bitter man he continues to look towards the sea with an air of longing.

The mercenary guild is a loose knit band of warriors for hire. Adventurers in search of fame and fortune populate most of the guild. Although they have no rules regarding occupation, most mercenaries in the guild are warriors or bandits. John Maxim operates it with a stern hand and a keen eye for the bottom line. Master Maxim was himself a warrior in the guild until the previous guild master decided to leave with several thousand silver talons. Maxim was the first one to find him.

The final guild is the Guild of the Arts Unseen. This guild is exclusive to adepts, wizards, and other spell casters. They are very demanding on who joins, and more so with the quality of their leadership. The current head is a powerful human wizard named Marcus Darkthought. He is a brooding man of aging years who created the glowing glyphs around the three lake towns.

The advisory council meets once a week on the first day. These meetings last through most of the day discussing various plans, ideas, and schemes for increasing the wealth of their city. The final decision belongs to the duke, but he takes great pleasure in hearing them debate about petty items for hours on end. Once everyone has had his or her say he will make his decision.

On the twelfth of every month he holds open court which he hears the appeals, desires, and voices of his vassals. This occasion lasts all day and is often a great draw for merchants, festivals, and others looking to make a good deal of money. The common practice of this court is to hear the pleas of the lower class before those of the upper class. This has been a thorn in their sides, but they tolerate it for the fact that he always makes time for them on other days.

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