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Town of Thurles


Originally written by T. Dobson.  Re-written & revamped by J. K. Wykowski

The town of Thurles is held by count Aaron Haskin, a fifth level human warrior. He is the youngest count in the duchy being only 20 years old. His father was killed recently defending the county from a river pirate raiding party. Lady Beverly serves as hostess at the castle until her son finds a woman to marry. He is also the guardian of his younger sisters, Alison who is 17 and Andrea who is 10. The count maintains a large force of men at arms. There are 40 medium cavalry and 20 men-at-arms. Half of the cavalry are on patrol at any one time. The count is considering increasing his forces as money permits. There are seven villages surrounding the town of Thurles.

1. This is the castle of count Haskin. The keep is second only to Duke Hollack's in size. It is rumored to have an extensive dungeon underneath it.

1a. This is a new tower under construction. New walls to connect it
are being built also.

2. Horse Breeder (Mortimer Abbot/human) raises the finest horses in
the Duchy. Horses of all kinds can be bought here. He is best known
for his trained war horses. His breeding farm is at the village of
Living Springs.  His sister Victoria is the town's physician.

3. Metal smith (Marsden Young/motul) makes all kinds of metal items.
He is well know for the quality of his iron pots and pans.

4. Bottomless Mug Tavern (Grantley Ashton/goblin) is an
average tavern. Most customers are commoners and guildsmen. It is
open for lunch and dinner. It closes early, around 10 pm every night.

5. Glassblower (Alfred Turner/human) is known for his fine leaded
crystal. His work is very expensive.

6. Tobacconist (Phillip Boswell/goblin) carries all kinds of materials
for smokers. He has one of the largest selections of imported tobacco.
He makes his own briar pipes.

7. Saddler (Muriel Longford/human) makes saddles and all kinds of
tack for horses. She also repairs damaged tack. She recently made a
fine saddle for the count.

8. Sword smith (Roger Blair/Vartith) is best know for his katana.
They are the sword used by the count's men. He will make custom swords
for those that want one. He also makes knives of all kinds.

9. Amber Inn (Adrian Wickwire/human) is a four star inn. Serves three
meals a day, every day. Known for his extensive menu. He has catered
functions for the Lady Beverly.

10. Outfitter (Ian Reade/human) sells any item you can think of.
Operates a trading wagon that visits all the villages around Thurles.

11. Hide worker (Robert Bedwin/human) makes any and all kinds of items
from leather. He makes excellent quality leather armors. It is
rumored that is personal armor is made of dragon hide.

12. Merchant (Samuel Cross/human) primarily deals in produce.
He buys all the extra food crops raised in the county.

13. Woodcrafter (Amos Cocksedge/human) makes all kinds of wooden
household items.

14. Carpenter (Edward Thistlewood/goblin) makes fine furniture. He can
make simple to fancy depending on the price the person wants.

15. Weaver (Winthrop Baldwin/human) makes cotton, linen and wool cloth.
Felix deals primarily in un-dyed cloth. He will dye cloth if the price
is right.

16. Clothier (Clifton Telford/human) makes sturdy work clothes of
cotton and wool. His wife Janis is known for her work making gowns
for the Lady Beverly.


18. Sage (Bernhard Langhausen/goblin) is the local teacher. He
travels all over the county teaching all who wish it to read and write.

19. Harper (Dennis Garrick/human) is skilled with a various musical
instruments. He is currently teaching the count's sisters to play
the piano.

20. Teamster (Thomas Crumpe/Vartith) owns and operates six wagons
which carry goods for Samuel Cross. He also brings goods to
the other merchants from Waterdown when needed.

21. Physician (Victoria Abbot/human) she is very skilled at using herbs
and potions to treat those who need her service. She is a 5th level
healer / hedge wizard but uses her spells as little as possible.  Her brother Mortimer operates the Horse Breeders.

22. Jeweler (Clayton Harris/human) is the newest guildsmen in the town
of Thurles. He is here because of the gems stones being found west
of town. He is always interested in buying uncut gem stones.

23. Trapper (Sanakht /Legyre) hunts the county for rare furs and
hides. He always has prepared hides for sell.

24. The Arrowhead Inn (Albert Longsford/human) operates this typical
travelers inn. The accommodations are clean and well kept while the
meals are simple and filling.

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod