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Town of Doonberg

Town of Doonberg

The Town of Doonberg is a small town built near the northern side of the Nevan Lake. While close enough to the lake to be part of the tri-city area, it is actually on the Mountain River that feeds from the Dragonspine Mountains and the Town of Sisak. Owned by Baron Sebastian Khazun, this town thrives on fishing, farming, and trade from both Sisak and the Emperor's Highway. Because of the extensive trade with other towns, Doonberg has experienced many more transient visitors than most towns its size. This experience has shown the townsfolk that even the coin of a non-citizen is still spend able. They have a far more relaxed attitude towards these races than many other towns in the Empire. Anyone can usually buy equipment, food, or other gear in Doonberg regardless of their race.

Baron Khazun is an older thin goblin with pale orange skin and black hair. His left eye is covered with an eyepatch, his face has several scars running from his left ear to his throat, and he has no right foot. While very generous of himself and his time, he can become very angry and grim with the very thought of the Cult of Lillith. He was born in a small village on the eastern coast of the Empire. After joining the Imperial Army, Sebastian was sent to the Duchy of Waterdown where he served under Akron Bonesnapper. During a campaign to eradicate a blood cult of Lillith, Sebastian saved Sergeant Akron's life from a warrior demon. Unfortunately Sebastian was horribly mauled saving his commander's life. Baron Khazun was ennobled shortly after Akron became the Master of the City Guard under Duke Hollack. The previous Baron of Doonberg was secretly a worshipper of Lillith for many years before he was caught, tried, and executed. Fearing that there might be more members in the cult, Akron recommended Khazun as the perfect person to ferret them out. Duke Hollack agreed, and Sebastian eradicated the cult of Lillith in the area of Doonberg.

1 - Doon Keep

Owned by Doon family until the execution of Andrew Doon, Doon Keep is currently the residence of Baron Khazun. It is filled with secret passages, hidden rooms, and dark memories. Baron Khazun holds events at the keep every month to try and change the memories of the keep, but it has only begun to change for the townsfolk. There are two small sailing vessels docked at the keep, the Icy Blade and Luck's Lady. Both are used by the Baron to patrol his section of the Nevan Lake and the Mountain River.

2 - Imperial Barracks & Docks

Being the final town on the Emperor's Highway, Doonberg is a vital link in the overland transportation system of goods, soldiers, and couriers. There are always several strong warships docked, along with several squads of fighting men. Couriers sleeping or trading horses is not an unusual sight in town.

3 - Fishmarket

Owned and operated by Michael Von Guison, the Fish market buys, sells, and prepares a variety of seafood. In the morning the fishing boats return from their search and sell to Von Guison. He handpicks and evaluates all seafood to be sold by his market. Later that day the townsfolk and people from the surrounding villages come to purchase fresh seafood. He hires several young women to sell his seafood during the day, and serve it to their restaurant patrons. The restaurant is very modest and occupies the top floor of his building.

4 - Residence of John Halloway

The personal residence of John Halloway, a motul merchant. Having a small storefront operated by his wife, Miranda, he travels around the entire duchy buying and selling whatever he can. He specializes in collectibles, rare herbs, incenses, and spices to keep his deeply beloved wife happy. Vain and foppish he wears the finest clothes, keeps his black hair in curls, and loves ruby jewelry. His attitude towards "the common folk" has angered and isolated many of the townsfolk.

5 - Harbor Master, Money Changers, and Warehouse

Operated by Ronald Cain, the harbor fees are set by the Baron. Boats may dock for a modest fee of 2 talons per day. Any goods to be sold within the town must be cleared through the Harbor Master. There is a fee of 2% for such goods to be cleared, but there is no additional taxes, fees, or duties for trade within Doonberg. The Harbor Master also oversees all caravans and merchants that arrive via the Emperor's Highway.

6 - The Crossroads Inn

Owned and operated by Ralph Stephens, his wife Jessica, their son Jeffery (16) and their daughter Rhona (13). The human family has lived in Doonberg for generations and are well liked and respected by the townsfolk. The Inn is a two story stone structure with a good sized dining area, two private bedrooms, and one large common room with six cots.

7 - Rudbeck Stables

8 - Rudbeck Manor

The Rudbeck family is the oldest family in Doonberg. Originally from E'Gath, their ancestors built the Emperor's Highway. After the road was completed they stayed in the village of Doonberg to find their fortune. They own and operate the only stables, hostelry, and wheelwright in Doonberg. Anyone who needs to travel overland along the highway in comfort must deal with them. Their prices are high, but their quality of goods and service is excellent. The current head of the family is James, a talkative human who is very good friends with Ronald Cain. His wife Josephina is a short plump woman who loves to feed every person who steps through the door. They have two sons: James Jr (22), and Malcom (19). James Jr. is currently operating the stables and learning the fine points of the trade.

9 - Temple to the Ten

A decent sized stone temple dedicated to the ten sanctioned gods of Selan. Each priesthood only has two priests that must share all of the duties for the entire town of Doonberg and surrounding villages. In addition to the large main chamber, there are ten smaller shrines each dedicated to a particular god or goddess.

21 - Home & workshop of Panelli the gray

Panelli the gray is a 30 year old human with graying hair and a very pale complexion. He is a fully competent hedge wizard of second level, and has made a study of alchemy. Being the only mage in and around Doonberg allows him little time for study or experimentation, but has provided him a comfortable existence. He has relished that comfort so much he has not adventured or traveled outside the Doonberg area in a decade. Panelli knows the following spells: Camouflage, Heal, Hedge Wizardry, Jump, Magnify, Purify Food, Purify Liquid, Resist Cold, Save from Death, Seal, and Strength. He has a 46% Cast Physical Spells skill and a 35% Alchemy skill.

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