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Town of Lakeside

Lakeside is a medium sized town based around fishing and trade. Situated on the Portollio River it enjoys trade from both the river and from the other two towns on the lake. Baron William Bartos, a human, whose prejudice towards the non-citizen races is tempered by his cool and even justice, governs the town. He commands a small fleet of river cruisers and larger lake going vessels. His small navy and city guard numbers twenty men, most of who live in the barracks adjoining the keep.

Just south of his keep is a wooden structure that is used as a warehouse. Sets of docks on the river are adjoining the dirt and mud landing. On the other end of town is another wooden structure that borders on a second set of docks. This building is the shipyard that manufacturers small watercraft, fishing ships, and barges. The Bartos family owns it and grants lower tariffs on ships built by this shipyard.

On one of the smaller isles north of town lies a large tower with a 20-foot tall glyph. This glyph is of the town's crest and burns a deep blue color at night. It can be easily seen from almost the entire Nevan Lake.

On the south end of the town lie two attached structures, one wood and the other stone. The stone building is the "Oak 'N Barrel Inn". While rooms are a little more pricey than most, the food is good and the rooms are clean. It is owned and operated by Jonathan Reeds who inherited it from his father, and is looking to leave it to his only daughter Melissa. Melissa is currently working as the waitress.

The only other inhabitant of note is a retired mage named William Hart. Easily two hundred years old he has taken residence and built a large multi-dimensional library out of a stone building on the main street near the fountain. He allows anyone to come and read his collection, but rarely takes an interest in anything.