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Town of Cambe

Originally written by Ty Dobson, re-written and expanded by J.K. Wykowski

This town is held by Count Johan Varley for Duke Hollack. This town is primarily a farming settlement, but trades extensively with the miners and small villages that line the county in the Dragonspine Mountains. Cambe has been in the Varley family for nearly two centuries, and they have no plans to lose their holdings anytime soon. While not besieged by bandits or brigands as are several of the other river counties, Cambe makes regular hunting foray's into the mountains to exterminate any pecks, orcs, trolls, or other nasties that live and breed there. Count Varley pays a silver talon for every orc, troll, or other humanoid monster that is slaughtered in the mountains. Pecks only receive a copper bit a head.

1 - Walled stone manor of Count Varley.

Count Varley is a strong willed and experienced soldier and leader. A 9th level motul warrior, he is currently married to his second wife, Jessica. His favorite son, Daniel, is currently in charge of the Imperial unit of soldiers that resides in town. They comb the mountains weekly, raiding and killing any inhuman dangers that might arise. His other two legitimate sons, Nathaniel Robert and John, maintain and oversee all commerce, trade, and revenue for the county. Their sister Anne is still waiting to be married, and is learning to be the "perfect" lady. Count Varley had another daughter named Simone, and an illegitimate son named Evan Bernard.

2 - Potter

The workshop and home of a human named John Welch. A young man of dubious morality, he has been seen in the company of every young woman to travel through Cambe. Not only makes pottery but excellent sculptures.

3 - The White Egg Tavern

Owned and operated by a human named Baern Avca. This tavern serves simple meals but is know for some of the finest wines around. Prices are reasonable. A small bedroom off of the kitchen houses Baern and his wife Martha.

4 - Hideworker

Home of an older motul called Enri'al. All items that are made of leather can be found here. He is always on the lookout to buy any unusual kinds of leather. Little is known of his past, but his leather armors are some of the best in the Duchy.

5 - Baker

Tomas Nordaka (human) bakes everything from the sweetest of cakes to simple travel bread.

6 - Weaver / Clothier

Will Haarden (human) makes all types of cloth. Can make simple work clothes to the finest gowns. Will makes all the clothes for the Count and his family.

7 - Glassblower

Evan and Drulila Redhorn. This goblin couple makes fine glassware.

8 - Harper

Home of Gaylena Strum, this lady can play almost any musical instrument. Performs weekends at the White Egg Tavern and is currently teaching the harp to the Count's daughter, Anne.

9 - Brewer

Owned by a large older human by the name of Victor Koontz. Brews the finest of ales and beers. Has been know to make white lightning or mead for festivals and special occasions.

10 - Hunter

Home of a human hunter named Scott "Squelch" McBain. Provides fresh meat and game for the Count. He is a 3rd level Ranger. He is currently attempting to court Gaylena Strum (bldg 8).

11 - Outfitter

Edvard Frolson is a goblin who will try to sell you his own grandmother. Provides those in the town with any item they cannot make themselves. If he does not have it, he will order it from Waterdown for you. His prices are slightly above average, especially for rare, hard to find, or less legal items. Not that he would necessarily break the law, but he wouldn't worry about bending them in half.

12 - Willow Lodge

Garvin and Berwin Forant are the human partners in the Inn. These two brothers run a simple but clean inn. Meals are not included, but they have reasonable prices for their guests. The lodge has a large common room that will sleep ten, and three two-man private rooms.

13 - Cooper

Charles Antwan is a maker of fine barrels. This motul provides the brewer in town with red oak barrels.

14 - Charcoaler

Enrath Dorgo is a human who crossed into the Empire from the Western Duchies. Makes all the charcoal used in town.

15 - Private Home

Gery Gibault is a retired human adventurer, age 81. He was a true wild man in his younger days. Known as Grand-pa to every one in town; even the count calls him that. He will regale anyone within earshot with a harrowing and exciting tale of his youth, most of which are true. While it is easy to get him started, even the most tireless of warrior will succumb to sleep before this friendly old codger will finish his tales. Gery still retains a few prized magical goodies from his past, but he has always been very careful to keep them quiet.

16 - Woodcutter

Lefty Migerk is a Vartith who lives in town. Provides good wood to the town, both for firewood and to build with. He is not especially liked, but is grudgingly tolerated by his fellow townsfolk. His only real friend in town is Scott McBain (bldg 10).

17 - Physician

Erila Clark is a low level human hedge wizard. She uses both her spells and herbs to cure what ails you. She is a 1st level physical adept, but has only studied healing spells and herbalism.

18 - Sage/Scribe

Home and library of Kolyin Jaspar. This motul is knowlegeable in many subjects but has no magical skills whatsoever. While he has a great aptitude for magic, he prefers to study the natural world and the people within it. He does however have a Banishment skill of 56% and can sense auras at 20%. He teaches the children in town to read and write during the day.

19 - Temple of Marach

Home of a human priest of Marach named Garrack Naven. He is a young deacon (3rd level), 29 years of age. He has impressed the commoners of the county as a kind and caring man and is repeatedly invited to dinner by the Count and other notables.

20 - Tinker

Rogan Sturgel is a 3rd level goblin thief. This yellow skinned goblin is very good with his hands. Has shown that he can repair almost anything, including very complicated traps or locks. He will act as a fence for those in the county and has many connections with the thieves guilds in the Duchy.

21 - Teamster

Home and stables of George Wymuth, a human who operates a stage and wagon that travel between Cambe and the other towns and villages in the county. Once he has been paid to transport a cargo to a location, he will accept passengers for anywhere along that route for a good price.

22 - Miller

Urko Warine is a bonded master miller to the count. All the grain in the town is ground here. This mill is wind operated rather than by water. There are six silos here and three additional ones at the Count's manor. This human is married to the Count's daughter Simone, and have a daughter named Katlyn.

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski, T. Coonrod, T. Dobson