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Town of Sisak

Town of Sisak

Originally written by Ty Dobson, re-written and expanded by J.K. Wykowski

Sisak is a small town in the Dragonspine mountains near the beginning of the Mountain River. Founded within the past century, Sisak primarily serves the small mining villages and individuals living nearby. While still small the town is quite prosperous with the largest and best transportation route to and from this section of the mountains, the Mountain River. Placed across the river near Sisak is a large chain that is well guarded 24 hours a day. While officially for the defense of the Empire from brigands and barbarians, this toll station gives a good revenue to the town and Count Reginald VonAssi. Count VonAssi is an elderly goblin with graying green skin. The VonAssi family has served the Empire well for many generations in the Imperial guard and have recently been granted this land to build and develop. Until that time most of the county was wilderness and filled with bandits who raided the other counties. Count VonAssi and his family have reduced and nearly destroyed the remaining bandit groups working in the county.

1 - Keep of Count VonAssi

He is 65 years old and quite forbidding for a goblin. Having spent most of his life in the Imperial Army or ruling his county, he is a talented soldier (8th level) and an accomplished, if blunt, statesman. He is married to the Lady Sernui and they have four children. Twin boys age 33, Torog and Toreah and twin girls age 17, Delmi and Dorna. The boys are both proficient warriors on their own (3rd and 2nd level respectively) while the daughters are both looking for husbands.

1A - Barracks and Stable

This is the home to a specialty Unit of the Imperial Army. They are know as the "Dragonguard" after repulsing the attack of a small dragon centuries earlier. The Baron's sons are currently serving as co-commanders of the "Dragonguard". The Dragonguard currently has the duty of patrolling the mountains for any threats to the Empire and either destroying it or at least blocking its entry. The Dragonguard has one squad of cavalry, one squad of archers, and one squad of highly trained a specialized delvers. The delvers are trained and equipped for navigating and investigating the miles of underground corridors and fortresses that lay beneath the Empire.

2 - Jeweler

Owned and operated by a human named Mallen Harondor, they make quality items at fair prices. He is always looking to buy uncut gem stones, and is willing to pay a fair, but not outrageous price. He is especially interested in tiger-eye and star sapphires.

3 - Timberwright

Owned by a Vartith named Ciril Rammas, they provide timber and boards for most everyone in the mountains and nearby villages. While technically a non-citizen, most of the citizens of Sisak grant him good relations, friendship, and protection from racist bureaucrats.

4 - Vinter

Owned and operated by a motul, Angus Narwon, they make mostly table wines of average quality. He is well renown around the duchy for his Applejack Cider. A very pungent and tasty brew, even the strongest drinkers only have a few small glasses before changing their drink order.

5 - Mountain Inn

This four star establishment is owned by a human named Losnack Perhael. While primarily an Inn, Losnack's wife Julianne operates a small eatery and dining room for their guests and townsfolk. Only private and two person rooms are available. Losnack is know for his excellent baking skills. To stable a riding animal he sends his patrons to David Brognanovich (building 10).

6 - Wheelwright

Home and workshop of a human by the name of Terrance Pinel. He has a thriving business keeping the wagons of used at the iron mine east of town in usable condition. He can make any kind of cart or wagon needed. Due to his workload it will be costly to have him make one. He currently looking to hire anyone that can do repair work.

7 - Carpenter

Home of a motul named Mithren Elenath who makes and repairs all kinds of furniture, trinkets, and other wooden necessities.

8 - Glassblower

Home of a young goblin journeyman named Steven Wilcox. He makes fine lead crystal.

9 - Tabacconist

A middle aged goblin named Rufus Nimblefingers, he imports tobacco from all over the Empire. Some believe [wrongly] that he deal in the banned narcotic Black Lotas from across the mountains. Most days he can be found sitting on his porch contentedly puffing on a large pipe.

10 - Ostler

An older human by the name of David Brognanovich lives and works here. Not only does he stable and shoe horses he also sells them. He always has five to ten riding horses for sale of varying quality. Most of his finest horses are purchased by the Count for the Imperial Army or his own personal herd.

11 - Weaponsmith

Owned and operated by a motul, Ormenel Blackhammer. He makes all kinds of weapons, but his specialty is hammers and maces. There is only a 20% chance of him having any bladed weapon asked for. All of his weapons bear a mark of crossed hammers in a triangle.

12 - Armorer

Owned and operated by a motul named Elanden Blackhammer who is a cousin to Ormenel. He makes fine quality metal armor. He always had large amounts of chain mail so that he can fit and make a set of chainmail in four days or less. He considers any non-metal armor to be worthless, and an affront if asked to make some. All of his armor is also marked by the family's mark of crossed hammers within a triangle.

13 - Clothier

Operated by a human couple, Jim and Daisy Crebain. Most of their clothes are sturdy work clothes. They do have velvet, silk and satin to make fine clothes with, but expect payment in advance. They currently have a contract with the Count to make all of the uniforms for the soldiers in the county.

14 - Plowman's Tavern

A simple farmer's tavern owned by Dochan Kipel (Human). Open for lunch and dinner only. No fine wines here only ale and beer is available. His food is simple, but hot, plentiful, and very filling.

15 - Rosedale's Inn

Owned and operated by a human named Rosey Hudson. This is a three star inn with average meals and services available. Rosey sends those who need an animal stabled to David Brognanovich (building 10).

16 - Potter

Workshop and home of a human woman named Lusail York. This fine lady makes all kinds of pots and dishes from the white clay found southeast in the small stream that runs near the Baron's Keep.

17 - Hedge Wizard and Healer

This is the home of Marcus Welby, a human 1st level hedge wizard, who uses mostly herbal medicines but if needed can use a spell to heal. He is a very dour and depressed man who feels that his talents are not as well respected as they should be.

18 - Horse Trainer

A human named Garvin Waltson who sell and trains war horses. His horses are all large, very well trained, and quite expensive. Anyone who he feels would not need one of his elite are sent to David Brognanovich (building 10). He also provides the mounts for the "Dragonguard".

19 - Charcoaler

Home of a motul named Sobrinth Elenath who is the younger brother of Mithrin (building 7). He provides the charcoal used by the ironworks.

20 - Ironworks

Stovan Scarmis, and older human, operates this ironworks but also owns an iron mine 10 miles east of the smelter located here. Makes fine quality iron that he sells to the entire duchy. He has been experimenting in making steel, but so far his attempts have failed.

21 - Pig Iron Tavern

This dive is owned by a human named Kugan Palzer. This tavern caters to the workers at the ironworks across the road. Many bar fights have been had in the common room, but aside from the noise it is an excellent place for less than savory dealings.

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski, T. Coonrod, & T. Dobson