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Saleen Map

The Town of Saleen

Crest of Saleen

The Town of Saleen was founded in the year 2326 by the Guild of the Arts Unseen. It stands directly above a shaft that leads into part of the ancient Hannarian Empire. Discovered several years before by Marcus Nazirson, this shaft leads to an ancient pyramid of an elven mage named Gelvanin. The entire underground pyramid radiates enormous magical and temporal energy, and the guild from Waterdown is determined to learn some of its secrets. After building a more permanent shelter for Marcus and his assistants, they began sending geomancers, adepts, archmagi, and other powerful spell casters to conduct research. While they have been able to learn some of the pyramid's secrets, most continue to elude them. The current guildmaster of the Arts Unseen petitioned Duke Hollack to grant one of their number dominion over the land around the shaft and the pyramid itself. He considered and near the end of the year Saleen was born. While Saleen is on the Nevan River, it experiences very little trade and revenue from the river.

Magistrate Marcus Nazirson is a talented wizard with a penchant for archeology. His rather absentminded and soft exterior hides a great mind and an even softer interior. Marcus will go to great lengths to please others, but knows when he is being manipulated or duped. He is currently in charge of both Saleen and the underground expeditions to the Pyramid of Gelvanin. His brother Samuel Nazirson currently owns and operates a Silver and Goldsmithy in Waterdown.

1 - Magistrate Building and Auxillary guildhall for the Guild of the Arts Unseen

This large building appears to be completely made from wood. In fact, the foundation, floor, and first foot of wall are actually made of stone. This is an attempt to camouflage the entrance to the Pyramid of Gelvanin which is hidden within the walls. On the first floor of this building are the kitchen, waiting room, conference room, medical office, and office of Marcus Nazirson. The second floor is strictly barracks and guest rooms for guild and noble guests.

2 - Tower Inn and Tavern

Shaped as a three story wooden tower, the Tower Inn and Tavern is the only establishment in town that has food and alcohol. It is very popular for the transient population and any of the regulars who needs a drink. Owned and operated by Trenton Willaughby, the Tower has decent food and drink for a healthy price. All prices are 1.5 times normal. Trenton is a 40 year old motul widower and hires only attractive young ladies to assist him in attending the customers. Decorating the wall are replicas of magical items of legend, spell components, and odd devices. Many a mage has given Trenton a piece of bric-a-brac instead of paying for his meals.

3 - Stone Warehouse & Grainary

Currently the only stone building in Saleen, the warehouse was recently destroyed by rampaging fire-rats. The large 45' x 45' stone tower has three stories and a thatched roof. The main set of double doors is large enough to allow a small wagon to enter, and the entire tower only has windows along the grainary side. It is operated by a gruff human by the name of Jax Armstrong. Jax has little time or patience for anyone.

4 - Stables & Hostelry

This large wooden stables is owned and operated by a goblin named Uther Weis and his wife Janet Weis. The Weis' have two children, Brad and Edward.

9 - Gibb Manor

The oldest family in the area, predating the town by generations, is Lieutenant Randolph Gibb and his wife Vanessa. The elderly human couple currently raises apple trees in the small orchard in their fenced yard. Their daughter Karen lives with them and feels that the Duke should have appointed her father magistrate. The secondary building is a toolshed.

13 - Michelle LeBlanc's Home

This small home belongs to the young, vivacious, and attractive (BEA: 75) Michelle LeBlanc. This human female is the town's physician and works with Marcus in the Town Hall. She is a 3rd level hedge wizard who has focused her studies on healing and the natural world. She is very pale, has platinum blonde hair, and peircing blue eyes. Her pleasant demeanor and regular visits to the Tower have made her very popular in the town.

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