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College of Necromancy

Originally founded by Medraut, the Stealer of Souls, the college of necromancy is ancient.  In order to be a true necromancer the spell caster must know both the skills of Necromancy, and Cast Spells: Necromancy.  The college of necromancy incorporates spells from several different arkana and counts as a full arkana for the purposes of determining how many can be learned.  Only the spells from this list may be learned by a spell caster who only has the Cast Spells: Necromancy skill.  Having been outlawed in most civilized kingdoms and empires, necromancer often pretend to be less suspicious magicians.  Rare, and short-lived, is the necromancer who proclaims his faith and abilities.

1st Power

Hedge Wizardry

Warp Wood


Animate Horde

Spell Store

2nd Power

Drain Life

Feign Death

Control Beasts

Deaden Sense


Night vision

Poisoned Touch

Smoke Form

Shadows Edge

Animate Soldier

Summon Spirit

3rd Power

Control Demon




Poisoned Slivers

Shadowy Transformation

Animate Archer

Animate Squad


Summon Minion Demon

Summon Shadow

4th Power




Lycanthropic Transformation

Animate Crusader

Animate Lesser Scourge

Animate Platoon

Summon Minor Demon

Summon Multiple Minions

5th Power


Animate Greater Scourge

Summon Major Demon

Undead Transformation


2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod