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The Imperial City of E'gath


The city of the seven hills was originally a chateau owned by an elven lord and his family. The original site of the rebellion, and home to the first Emperor Tahlin, the Imperial City of E'gath has a long and legendary history. Over the two millennia the city has grown and changed into a bustling metropolis of commerce and trade. As cosmopolitan as it may seem to citizens, the entire city is steeped in the prejudice and hatred currently fermenting within the breast of the current Emperor, Frederick Strauslaun XVI. Unless a diplomatic envoy, non-citizen races may not cross the first bridge into the city. Even in the surrounding villages they will be very unwelcome, and ill-treated.

Nearly seven centuries before, the current Emperor decided to alter the course of the nearby river and channel it through portions of the city. His decision created the current High City of E'gath as it is seen today. Each of the seven hills are large, almost mountainous, and have most of the buildings and homes build upon them. The river has been channeled through the valleys between the hilltops, creating an island or moat feel to the city. Large marble and granite bridges span the hills to each other, but there is only two of the hills that can be entered without traveling over a bridge. The main entrance of the city has a gargantuan statue of Tahlin that has the gatehouse incorporated into the design. Across giant towers lies a large metal cable that transports a small gondola from the Imperial Palace to Tahlin's Hall.

Each of the bridges was designed with defense in mind. Each bridge can be partially retracted from the defenders' side and has portions of the bridge that can be collapsed at a moments notice. The bridges are made from study granite and white marble and are kept in excellent repair. Each bridge has frescos and statues adorning them, with a unique theme for every bridge. Some visitors travel to E'gath just to see the exquisite artistry of the bridges.

Shops & Interests

Imperial Palace
Imperial Barracks
Tahlin's Hall

High Temple of Sullum
Temple of Varloche's Gate (Khadina)
High Temple of Synnia
High Temple of Mures
High Temple of Kreeng
High Temple of Marach
High Temple of Loreth
High Temple of Piccor
High Temple of Alrothna
High Temple of Toln

Order of the Wand
House Grantal
House Yulina

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