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Campaigns & Games currently running Alpha Arkana

Northern Virginia

GM - J. Keith Wykowski

Meets - Alternating Sundays per campaign at Game Parlor in Chantilly.

Currently running two campaigns at Game Parlor.  The first is a well-established but open and friendly campaign, you could easily be added into the party.  The second is brand new as of December 3rd, 2000 and we will welcome anyone who wishes to play.  We play in the E'gath Empire on the world of Selan. Heroes wanted for a mixture of gritty realism and high fantasy, villains need not apply. For more information or to join, email me at

Northern Virginia

GM - Trey Coonrod

Meets - Every Tuesday evening.

A well-established campaign, in fact the original campaign, of Alpha Arkana. We have a great mix of players, and currently have more than enough. However we could always use alternates, or allow one-shot visitors to come and take a peek at actual game play. Are you interested? If so, email me at Currently adventuring in the E'gath Empire, but may be traveling to the Western Duchies.

Eve Con

This is a single event being held around New Years in Tyson's Corner VA.  For more information about Eve Con go to  We will be running demo games, explaining the rules, and generally hanging out.   If you have an idea, want to play, or just want to chat come on down. 

If you have an existing campaign, or want to advertise for players in your area, email us at with your advertisement. We will put it up as soon as we get it.