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Purchasing a copy of our rules

Currently we have the following sets of rules available. More will be forthcoming.

Alpha Arkana - Core Rules (First Printing)    $12.50 + Shipping & Handling

This set includes all of the basic rules, occupations, skills, and races needed to play a game of Alpha Arkana. This set does not include spells which will be available soon. Authors: J. Keith Wykowski & Trey Coonrod. Artists include Matt W. McGinn and Rachael Bright.

Alpha Arkana - Tome of the Arkana (First Printing)    $13.00 + Shipping & Handling

This set includes all of the myriad spells and rituals used in Alpha Arkana. A complete listing of the spells by power and Arkana is included. Detailed descriptions of over 300 spells.  Authors: J. Keith Wykowski & Trey Coonrod.  Artists include Matt W. McGinn, Rachael Bright, and Christian Conkle.

Alpha Arkana - Hidden Lore (Coming Soon)

This GM aide will include magical items, random events for player characters, rules clarifications, and additional rules and systems for a more complicated campaign.

Alpha Arkana - The T-Shirt  (Made to order)    $16.00 + Shipping & Handling

A high-quality T-Shirt with your choice of artwork emblazoned upon the back as a thermal transfer.  Choose from either cover artwork, or any other piece found in any of the books.  Please include the size desired.  Any size over XL may require an additional fee.

Sex Ouija - Game for Friendly Adults (Coming Soon)

This board game is perfect for those late nights with a group of really good friends.  Or those you want to get to know better.  The base edition, also known as the Icebreaker edition, comes with 67 action cards and rules.  Still in the development stage, this game's rules are completed but the physical components are still being discussed.  Supplements for those less timid are also being created.  For more information about this game please e-mail us.


Order Form

Please send Check or Money Order to:

Sorcerers of the East Coast

7505 Vernon Square Dr, Suite 102

Alexandria VA 22306

Please make checks payable to either J. Keith Wykowski or Lloyd Coonrod. Personal checks must clear before shipment is sent. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please specify which set of rules you wish to purchase and the quantity desired.

Shipping and Handling: $4.00 for first set of rules. $1.00 for each additional set to be sent in shipment. All shipments will be sent UPS ground service unless otherwise specified. For faster or international service please contact us by email at to determine the correct shipping cost for UPS Next Day or Second Day Air service before sending a check.