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If there is a specific individual at our company that you would like to speak with please place their name in the Subject field, or e-mail the following addresses.

J. Keith Wykowski:

Trey Coonrod:

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J. Keith Wykowski - ICQ# 25827776

Snail Mail Address:

Sorcerers of the East Coast

7505 Vernon Square Dr, Suite 102

Alexandria VA 22306

Submission Guidelines:

If you enjoy our game and wish to submit additional spells, monsters, treasures, maps, NPCs, artwork, adventure ideas / scenarios, or anything else we would love them. Anything that we approve will appear on our website, and may be placed into the system itself (with your authorization). However, we are NOT hiring at the moment. In fact both authors have other full time jobs. Our artists are freelance and are paid as best we can. If you decide to submit material please send it in a TXT, MS Word 97, MS Word 2000, PDF, or RTF format. Pictures can be sent in nearly any format you choose. Please only send one file per email (or zip the collection) as some servers have difficulty in reading multiple file attachments. Please send a statement allowing us authorization to use your submission for our website.