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Monsters in the World of Selan



Black Orc


Phase Cat




Blob, Lemar’s








Monster Creation Guidelines




Monster Creation Guidelines


Step 1.  Assign power and level for standard versions of this creature


                Levels 1 – 5           Low Level

                Levels 6 – 10         Average Level

                Levels 7 – 15         Above Average Level

                Levels 16 – 20       High Level

                Levels 21+             Legendary



Step 2. Assign attributes to standard version of this creature


Except for LUC most sentient monsters use the following system.  Assign a rating for each attribute, but do not roll for the 1d10.  The 1d10 is the range for each individual monster. The LUC for a monster is always 50.  Non-sentient monsters will have an INT of 1d10 and a WIL of 4d10.  Otherwise assign their physical attributes normally.  Most standard versions will only be 1st or 2nd level so assign accordingly.  In the next step we will increase the attributes by the level of the special versions.


                Abysmal                                15 + 1d10

                Low                                        25 + 1d10

                Below Average                     35 + 1d10

                Average                                 45 + 1d10

                Above Average                   55 + 1d10

                High                                       65 + 1d10

                Exceptional                            75 + 1d10

                Oh my God!                           85 + 1d10


For every 2 levels of experience above the standard version, the attributes will increase a set amount.  Decide which attribute is used the most.  That is the creature’s primary attribute.  Choose one or two others that would be used greatly by the creature.  Those are the secondary attributes.  All other attributes are tertiary.  Remember that levels can never increase BEA.  Specialty training for some monsters can result in a bonus of +10 placed where desired.


                Primary                                   + 5

                Secondary                             + 3

                Tertiary                                  + 1



Step 3.  Miscellaneous Ratings, Movement, IP, etc.


Injury points are based off of the current HEA of the creature with a bonus of 1d10 for every 2 levels of the creature rounded upwards.  Some creatures such as dragons, powerful angels, or demons have more injury points than they should have according to these guidelines.  Ultra powerful creatures may have a multiple to their health.  In such cases the bonus from level should generally be omitted.


Actions are based on AGL + DEX.  Look at the following chart to determine their actions.  Round to nearest.


                Score Total                                            Actions

                02 – 75                                                    1 action + 1 every 8 levels

                76 – 125                                                  1 action + 1 every 7 levels

                126 – 150                                                1 action + 1 every 6 levels

                151+                                                        2 actions + 1 every 5 levels


Land based movement should be handled identically as for player characters.  HEA + AGL divided by 2 for the run.  Monsters can also trot, jog, or walk.  Some creatures will have a bonus to speed or to the duration at which they can run, trot, or jog.   Some monsters will be able to fly.  Assign one of the following values to their flight: 25’, 50’, 100’, 150’, or 200’.  That is the distance they can travel in one round.



Step 4. Skills


All creatures have at least Defensive tactics and 1 combat skill.  Sentient creatures can have up to the equivalent of 2 “A” skills, 2 “B” skills, 2 “C” skills, and 4 “D” skills.  Some creatures may have more or less depending upon their age, training, or disposition.  The skill values are identical to player characters.  Monsters can increase 7 of their skills per level.  The rest is devoted to raising their attributes.


Most monsters have spell type “C”.  Yes this means that any lowly orc has the potential to learn magic.  Shamans, witch doctors, wizards, and other monster spell slingers should have a higher level.  Only the most highly trained and adept should be spell type “A”.  Monsters with an animal intelligence can never learn spells.  They may however have an unnatural ability or two that is inherent and acts like a spell.


Senses must also be determined.  See the following table.  Some creatures will have senses beyond those listed or greater than those listed.


                                Day Vision            Night Vision          Hearing                  Smell & Taste

Low                        20 ft                        0 ft                          - 5                            - 10

Below Av.             60 ft                        0 ft                          + 0                           - 5

Average                 100 ft                      20 ft                        + 5                           + 0

Above Av.            120 ft                      60 ft                        + 10                         + 5

High                       150 ft                      100 ft                      + 15                         + 10

Exceptional            200 ft                      120 ft                      + 20                         + 15



Step 5. Treasure


Assign a value of treasure that the creature would most likely have.  There will be exceptions for each monster, but what would the average creature of this type carry.  For most non-sentient beasts the level will be none.  Poor monsters or villains would have Low, and so forth.  The general levels are: Non, Low, Medium, and High.  These levels correspond to the levels given in the treasure section.