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Power Arkana

1st Power Spells

Alarm Animate Horde Blink
Breeze Create Water Dust Devil
Editing Eavesdrop Float
Hedge Wizardry Identify Magic Increase Pressure
Levitate Meditation Message
Open Lock Purify Food Purify Liquid
Seal Spell Store Summon Familiar
Weather Shield Write  

2nd Power Spells

Activate Gate Analyze Magic Animate Soldier
Barrier Boost Spell's Area of Effect Boost Spell's Duration
Boost Spell's Injury Done Boost Spell's Range Cacophony
Catalyst Circle of Protection Clairaudience
Clairvoyance Clothing Transformation Deflection
Dispel Minor Magic Find Person Flight
Graft Limb Invisibility Jinx
Location Shift Luck Mage Bind
Object Shift Object Transport Pass wall
Pocket Portable Hole See Invisible
Shadow's Edge Smoke Form Summon Animals
Summon Object Summon Spirit Tattoo

3rd Power Spells

Animate Archer Animate Squad Animate Undead Monster
Conduit Create Golem Deflection Shield
Dimensional Reduction Distance Transport Elevator
Emissary Field of Silence Floating Disk
Forced Change Link Health Mass Flight
Mirror Sight Object Teleportation Observation
Probe Magic Shadowy Transformation Shape-change Another
Soar Soul Bind Soul Projection
Summon Minion Demon Summon Dragon Summon Elemental
Summon Faerie Summon Person Summon Shadow
Teleport Weapon Transformation Whirlwind

4th Power Spells

Animate Crusader Animate Lesser Scourge Animate Platoon
Compress Time Control Weather Dispel Major Magic
Gateway Jihad Longevity
Lycanthropic Transformation Mirror Speak Permanence
Summon Minor Demon Summon Multiple Minions Summon Djinni
Transfer Enchantment Transform Others Wall of Iron

5th Power Spells

Animate Greater Scourge Dimensional Portal Earthquake
Group Teleport Resurrection Sanctuary
Stronghold Summon Angel Summon Major Demon
Tornado Undead Transformation Vegemorph
Wall of Steel    

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod