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Physical Arkana

1st Power Spells

Adhesion Animal Weaponry Camouflage
Editing Gills Heal
Hedge Wizardry  Ignore Injury Jump
Magnify Open Lock Purify Food
Purify Liquid Resist Cold Resist Heat
Save From Death Seal Slow
Speed Sticky Goo Strength
Warp Wood Weaken  

2nd Power Spells

Breathe w/o Air Clothing Transformation Drain Life
Feign Death Graft Limb Growth
Night Vision Poisoned Touch See Heat
See Invisible See Magic Shadow's Edge
Shape-change Shrinkage Silence
Smoke Form Telescopic Vision  Wall of Plants

3rd Power Spells

Body Weaponry Bountiful Harvest Brittle
Cure Cure Disease Disease
Endurance Forced Change Life Ward
Mass Sticky Goo Napalm Negate Injury
Negate Poison Paralysis Poisoned Slivers
Regeneration Remove Paralysis Resist Magic
Shadowy Transformation Shape Change Another Stone Form
Stone to Mud Strengthen Transformation
Wall of Stone    

4th Power Spells

Blind Crumble Cure Blindness
Flesh to Stone Leech Lycanthropic Transformation
Metal Form Restore Attribute Stone To Flesh
Transform Others Wall of Iron Wall of Spinning Death
Winged Flight    

5th Power Spells

Earthquake Juggernaut Mature
Monstrous Weaponry Restore Vegemorph
Wall of Steel Youthen  

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod