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Mental Arkana

1st Power Spells

Alarm Amiability Animal Speak
Blur Calm Clear Thoughts
Confusion Control Animal Direction Sense
Eavesdrop Empathy Fear
Hedge Wizardry Hesitation Ignore Injury
Magnify Meditation Slow Sense of Time
Speed Sense of Time Spell Store Suggest
Telekinetic Bolt Tongues Trickery
Understand Writing Vertigo Visualize

2nd Power Spells

Analyze Magic Berserk Borrow Skill
Charm Clairaudience Clairvoyance
Control Beasts Deaden Sense Delusion
Delusions of Grandeur Enhance Sense Forget
Group Mind-link Hologram Ignore
Illusionary Beauty Information Stream Memory Implant
Message Multiplicity Pain
Remove Fear See Heat See Invisible
See Magic Silence Sleep
Telekinesis Tell Truth Truth Tell

3rd Power Spells

Amnesia Command Conduit
Control Demon Control Monster Illusion
Mass Sleep Observation Paralysis
Probe Magic Stupidity Tame Animal
Telekinetic Flight Telepathy True Vision

4th Power Spells

Blind Borrow Experience Cure Blindness
Ensorcelled Jihad Possession
Wall of Spinning Death    

5th Power Spells

Domination Enslaved Hallucination
Omniscience Phantasm  

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod