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Energy Arkana

1st Power Spells

Cloak of Light Create Light Electric Shock
Electric Touch Energy Shield Fire Bolt
Flame Growth Flaming Weapon Flare
Heat Object Hedge Wizardry Ice Bolt
Ice Weapon Ignite Fire Increase Pressure
Push Pyrotechnics Reflective Shield
Resist Cold Resist Heat Telekinetic Bolt

2nd Power Spells

Antigravity Barrier Cacophony
Energy Armor Fire Darts Fire Ward
Ice Shards Immolate Invisibility
Lightning Ward Mage Bind Telekinesis

3rd Power Spells

Daylight Elemental Flaring Elevator
Energy Shell Fire Stream Floating Disk
Force Field Frost Stream Lightning Bolt
Telekinetic Flight    

4th Power Spells

Branched Lightning Fiery Death Fire Cone
Fire Form Fire Pulse Freezing Wind
Frost Cone Ice Tendrils Sparks of Death
Wall of Energy Wall of Fire Wall of Ice
Wall of Spinning Death    

5th Power Spells

Chain Lighting Delayed Fire Pulse Energy Avatar
Energy Snake Energy Storm Fire Blast
Ice Storm Inferno  

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod