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New Magical Items

Replenishing Potion - Ian Gordon

Replenishing Potion - By Ian Gordon

Roll on Table 803 for the magnitude of the Potion.  The character will discover 1 to 3 potions of equal magnitude.  Roll a d10.  On a result of: 1 - 4 only one potion; 5 - 9 finds two potions; and a roll of 10 discovers three potions.  Each potion is only good for one dose.  A dose of Replenishing Potion will automatically double the natural drain regeneration of the imbiber for 24 hours.  A major potion will also instantly regenerate 10 points of drain, while an excellent potion will regenerate half the used drain, while a superlative potion will instantly restore the character to full drain.

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod