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Lillith, the Goddess of Evil

                 Lillith is worshiped and known as the goddess of evil and pain.  She is also known as the Mother of Pain, the Devils’ Mistress, the Dark Seductress and the Queen of the Succubi.  The rituals that her worshipers use to praise her all involve pain and most often death as well.  Her followers have no compunctions about performing any act that will further their causes.  Lies, blackmail, seduction, theft, murder, the use of poisons, necromancy and summoning demons are all acceptable means towards their ends.  However, so is telling the truth, donating to other churches, financing charities, and generally being a good citizen.  Anything that conceals his or her true spiritual allegiance from the knowledge of others is acceptable, even turning upon other worshipers.

                Within the E’gath Empire there is no structured church.  Worshipers each worship on their own, and sometimes in small groups.  Larger groups are dangerous for them, for two main reasons.  The first is that larger numbers are easier to discover.  The second reason is that very few of her followers trust each other.

                New disciples will often have a sudden change of fortune for the better.  A sudden financial windfall, a lucky find or some other seeming coincidence will benefit the new follower.  This sudden luck is usually at the expense of someone else.  Wealth is usually stolen from another person, or a relative may have suddenly died, leaving all of his or her possessions to the new disciple.  The followers of Lillith begin the game with 2 knives of their choice, 1 vial of poison, and an additional 1D10 + 5 Silver Talons.

Skills, Powers, & Abilities Dark Rituals

Skills, Powers and Abilities

                True disciples of Lillith are given two of the following abilities listed below.  The goddess may give other abilities as she sees fit, based upon the disciple’s devotion and piety to her.  Each power or ability takes up one skill slot, unless otherwise noted below.  All followers of Lillith begin with Knife Weapons and Lore: Poison.  If the additional powers granted by the Dark goddess does not require three skill selections, then the Follower may choose skills (not additional powers) to complete the requirements.

Dark Rituals

                The rituals used by the followers of Lillith all use pain, and many of them require the death of someone or something.  Any follower of Lillith may attempt to use a ritual.  Some rituals are required, while some are only used by the foolish and power-hungry.  Below are a few of the more common ones.

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