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Evan Bernard Varley

Written by Stuart Broz

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History & Personality

Evan's father, Count Varley, was a petty, insecure man. His first wife was found to be barren and he discarded her. His second wife bore him a daughter, Simone, but died in childbirth. He remarried married a year before Evan's birth. Evan's mother, however, was a prostitute with whom Count Varley hand a long-time affair and who lived within his home.

A year after Evan was born, the Count's wife bore a son, Daniel, who as the first born legitimate son became his heir. There would later be two more brothers (Nathaniel and John) and another sister (Anne).

Daniel was a strong child, and Count Varley, a powerful warrior, saw himself in the child. Evan, the neglected bastard son, was jealous of the attention and felt cheated by fate that he was not favoredm even though he was the first born. He decided he would prove to his father that he could beat Daniel at everything. Unfortunately, Evan was - for a Motul - a weak and sickly child. He was, however, bright and incredibly strong-willed. Through a strenuous regimen of practice and exercise, he overcame many of his faults until he was nearly as strong as his younger brother. It was not quite enough.

It did bring him to the notice of his uncle, Nathaniel (a family name for the second born son...Evan often fumed that Daniel had not been named this). Nathaniel had some training in sorcery, and he taught Evan some of the basic principles...and how to make himself stronger and faster. With the use of this magic, he was able to defeat Daniel in a competition. This only served to anger their father.

When he was 17, Evan was married to Lorraine, the daughter of another Count. The marriage was arranged by their fathers as a political alliance. Lorraine resented it greatly. She considered Evan to be low-born and far beneath her. Evan, on the contrary, was enraptured by her. He decided he must prove himself to her in some way. In the meantime, she secluded herself from him. He took a mistress with an uncanny resemblance to her for awhile, but that was short lived as he feared she would discover it.

In frustration, Evan began to study magic seriously. He also becam proficient in High Warlon. The more he read the more the possibilities of magic entranced him. He decided that, even though magic had not lead him into his father's favor, it would eventually lead him into the favor of his wife. He would continue studying both magic and the ways of the warrior. With these skills, he would accomplish great things...become a hero...and in her eyes, overcome the circumstances of his birth.

© 1999 J.K. Wykowski, Trey Coonrod, and Stuart Broz