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Languages of Selan

Hannaran - Language spoken in the Hannaran empire. Used to be known by elves and dwarves, now only known by dwarves and a handful of mages.

High Warlon - Ancient Elven originally spoken by strictly elven lords and ladies. Most spells from the Warlon Empire are written in this language.

Low Warlon - A derivative of High Warlon originally spoken by the slaves, and common people in the Warlon empire.

E'gathin - Language currently spoken within the E'gathan Empire. Each duchy has its own dialect and accent. It is a derivative of Low Warlon.

Leganese - Language spoken by the Legyre north of the E'gathan Empire and a small number within. It is another derivative of Low Warlon.

Wartith - Language spoken by the Vartith north of the E'gathan empire and in Drachan. It is only a spoken language and has no written form. To compensate they have borrowed the Leganese written form for their own. Both languages are extremely similar. A derivative of Low Warlon.

Kuriel - Spoken exclusively within the Kuriel nation. It is nearly impossible to learn outside its boundaries. Another derivative of Low Warlon.

Faistian - Spoken by the secotah west of the Dragonspine mountains in Faistian. Another derivative of Low Warlon.

Nogar - Derivative of Low Warlon spoken by the Nogashim around the E'gathan Empire.

Chak'ar - Language Spoken by chakar in the desert near the E'gathan Empire.

Mercan - A derivative language of Low Warlon which is spoken in the western duchies.