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The Manor House (Basement)

Room 19 Root Cellar
Room 20 Wine Cellar
Room 21 Torture Chamber
Room 22 Dark Shrine

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Root Cellar (Room 19)

As you descend the rickety stairs into the gloom, you can't help but wonder what might be lurking down here waiting to swallow your soul.  Shaking off the brief thought, you glance around the darkened root cellar.  Bags of flour, dry goods, potatoes and other foodstuffs are heaped on the floor and on makeshift shelves.  On the far side is a simple wooden door.

As the party approaches the door to the wine cellar, they will get an increasing sense of foreboding.  This is a natural reaction to the poltergeist in the wine cellar.


Wine Cellar (Room 20)

An extremely large room, this family must have enjoyed their wine.  Racks upon racks of wine between support beams form several aisles down this room.  Some appear to have fallen and shattered on the floor of the cellar.  On the far end of the room appears to be a barred door. 

The barred door is barred on this side to keep people inside the torture chamber if there is ever a problem.  Unfortunately there is also a poltergeist in this room.  If the party continues into the torture chamber, then the poltergeist will simply lock and bar them into that room.  Otherwise the poltergeist will attack with bottles of wine. 


Level 5 Spirit

AWA: 51 + 1d10

CHA: 47 + 1d10

INT: 49 + 1d10

WIL: 55 + 1d10

IP: WIL + 2d10

60% skill at striking w/ objects

Penalty of 5 to banishment

All spirits are immune to normal weapons and attacks.  Only magical attacks, weapons, spells, and banishment can affect a spirit.  Spirits cannot travel more than 1/2 a mile past their haunts.


Torture Chamber (Room 21)

This room has a musky tang of iron in the air as you open the door.  Peering into the dank recesses of this good sized room, you almost wish you hadn't.  Along the western wall are rows upon rows of blades, scalpels, picks, clamps, and other devices designed to mar the sentient body.  A rack in the northwest corner lies thankfully vacant, while a row of five cells on the east wall may still have some occupants.  Their closed metal doors shield them from discovery.  Against the south wall are two iron maidens standing only five feet apart.  A cute placard on their chest reads "His and Hers".  

The cells are labeled A - E.  Only cell D has anything of note, the freshly tortured corpse of a local huntsman.  His poltergeist still haunts the wine cellar.  He was killed by Tobias, and seeks revenge.

The iron maidens are not both working models.  While one is perfectly normal, the second in the corner has spikes that are too short to actually pierce any normal sized human.  Motuls or other larger races will be cut however.  If a spike by the right hand is bent back when the maiden is closed it will open a secret passage in the back.


Dark Shrine (Room 22)

Just entering this dark shrine may be damning to your souls.  Peering inside you see black cloth, bowls filled with dark liquid, red and black candles, and frescos depicting savagery by the Elder goddess Lillith and her companion Medraut, lord of the undead.  Circles of unknown intent are inscribed with precision on the floor by the obsidian altar.

Besides its mere existence being a clue, this room has nothing else of note.

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod