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The Manor House (2nd Floor)

Room 10 Upstairs Hall
Room 11 Master Bedroom
Room 12 Guest Bedroom
Room 13 Guest Bedroom
Room 14 Guest Bedroom
Room 15 Outdoor Patio
Room 16 Guest Bedroom
Room 17 Library
Room 18 Guest Bedroom

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Upstairs Hall (10)

As you travel up the ornate and intricately carved stairway, you reach the upper landing of the manor house.  Shaped as a large sideways "H" the western section has a small railing that overlooks the great hall on the first floor.  On the east wall, and the end of each hallway lies a  pair of stain glass windows beautifully rendered with the family crest, a double headed dragon holding a spear.  The western wall is completely filled with the master bedroom and two crystal clear glass doors that lead out to the outdoor patio.  On the north wall are three doors that appear to lead into the library and two guest rooms on either side.  The southern wall houses three guest bedrooms.

Only during sunset or sunrise read the following...The rays of the sun streams through the stained glass / patio doors beautifully causing you to admire the workmanship.  The warm glow seems to engulf the entire hallway.

Quite possibly the most important room in the entire adventure.  The glass doors and the stained glass windows are the major component to opening the secret treasure room.  During sunrise/sunset the entire hallway fills with sunlight which can then be focused using the large mirror in room 16 (guest bedroom) into the library and onto the crest painted onto the wall. This will trigger the magic gateway into the pocket dimension that is the treasure room.


Master Bedroom (11)

The master bedroom is large, sumptuous, and tastefully decorated in light blues, grays, and hints of gold throughout.  The large four poster bed dominates the center of the room, with several dressers, wardrobes, and a chest lining the walls.  Above the bed is a shield with the family crest and crossed spears behind it.  The only exit is the one your group entered.

All of the chest, wardrobes and dressers hold nothing of interest besides clothing and personal items.  Behind the shield is the one item of value within the entire room: a pouch with a deck of gold leaf playing cards.  


Guest Bedroom (12)

This bedroom is best called the green room.  Decorated in solid greens and earth-tones, this simple and empty room has only a lone bed and an empty unlocked chest.  The only exit is the way you came in.


Guest Bedroom (13)

This bedroom is best called the blue room.  Decorated in solid blues and light greens, the walls of this empty room are stenciled with seascapes and sky views.  This room has only a lone bed, an empty unlocked chest and a fireplace that is shared with another guest bedroom.  The only exit is the way you came in.

Inside the fireplace is a sleeping creature called a sonic bat.  Sonic bats are small, very agile, and have an extremely powerful sonic scream.  When awoken it will be very irritable and will attack anyone in the party for several rounds before it flies away.  After the bat has fled, anyone who searches will find 1 piece of blue quartz worth 10 silver talons in the dust, soot, and debris.

Sonic Bat (Simple Stats)

IP: 30 + 1d10                    Sonic Attack (35% Skill): 1d10 + 2        Defensive Tactics (while flying): 80% / 20%


Guest Bedroom (14)

This room was designed with a soldier in mind.  Trophies of war line the wall and dressers.  Swords, shields, knives, and rarer weapons cover the room.  Maps of ancient battles, and portraits of generals from a forgotten age line the walls.  On the fireplace in the eastern wall lies an especially interesting sword on an oaken stand.  The long sword is obviously very old, very well cared for, and extremely good quality.  The only exit is the way you came in.

The long sword is a sword of quality that gives a bonus of + 2 to both striking (great balance) and injury dealt (good weight).  The sword is non-magical and is simply very well made.  The iron blade has a kris edge along one side and is etched with the name Torlana in a flowing cursive script.  The hilt appears to have been carved with the bone from one of the larger citizen races.  The pommel is made from iron and is unadorned.  


Outdoor Patio (15)

This lush patio has a colorful mosaic tiled floor.  Near the railing to the west are several flowerpots, small trees, and two gargoyles at either end looking outwards.  The gargoyles are perched on the roof, well above the patio floor, and peer downwards over the manor's outer wall.  Several wooden chairs circle a small square table in the center of this outdoor patio.

The gargoyles are not living creatures.  They do however have secret compartments in their mouths that open when someone pulls on their left arm.  Inside one gargoyle is a one dose potion of the third power Soar spell.  The other gargoyle has a vial of acid which looks identical to the other potion.  The acid if ingested acts as a Type 2 injury dealing poison.  Otherwise the potion will inflict 3d10 points of injury at any target, or will dissolve a small amount of metal.


Guest Bedroom (16)

At one point this room must have housed a daughter or young girl.  Draped from floor to ceiling in white lace, the rest of the room has small pieces of glassware or statuettes.  A large position able mirror on a stand lies in the corner of the room.  Along the eastern wall is a large stone fireplace that is shared with the library.  A poker, and small set of tools lies on a stand on the apron.


Library (17)

Stepping into this large room, you see waist high bookshelves lining the walls.  Several large comfortable chairs lie on a large plush rug in the center of the room.  Several small tables are spread throughout the room, each with several tomes or volumes lying closed upon them.  Along the western wall is a large stone fireplace that is shared with the library.  A poker, and small set of tools lies on a stand on the apron.  The only exit is the way you came in.

This non-magical library has books on a huge number of subjects ranging from animal husbandry to Xylophone repair.  One of the open volumes is a personal volume written by Kaspar Horner.  It is a personal journal of his early life.  It appears to be well thumbed through, with select pages ripped out.  These pages seem to relate to the building of the wizards tower.

Behind the bookshelves exactly opposite the door is a copy of the family crest painted upon the wall.  This is the trigger and the gateway to the secret treasure room.  When sunlight is focused upon the crest the magical gateway will appear in its place.  


Guest Bedroom (18)

This room has been unused for decades.  Only a deep layer of dust and cobwebs decorate this room.  The only exit is the one you are standing in.

This room has been deserted for a long time.  The only thing of interest is a loose set of floor boards on the opposite corner of the room from the door.  Inside this hidden compartment is a spell book of a very young Kaspar Horner and a small box of ancient candies.  The spells contained were the first he learned and are completely safe.  The book contains the following spells: Hedge Wizardry, Alarm, Identify Magic, and Spell Store.

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod