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The Manor Grounds

A Encampment of Mercenaries & Nephew
B The Wizard's Tower
C The Graveyard
D The Family Crypt
E The Stables
F The Servant's Quarters
G The Garden
H The Hedge Maze
J The Manor House

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Graveyard (Area C)

Surrounded by a small wrought iron fence waist high, the graveyard is a lonely desolate place.  A lone raven sits upon one of the tombstones eyeing your group suspiciously.  The graves all appear to be at least several decades old, with a lush field of grass and flowers entwining them.  On the far side of the graveyard lies a small honeysuckle bush that has been left untended for quite a while.


Family Crypt (Area D)

This small stone building near the graveyard has frescos and other statuettes embedded into the walls.  Holy symbols to the ten Elder gods emblazon the main bronze door to the crypt.  

Inside the crypt are many small alcoves for the ashes of the departed.  Under each alcove is a brass plaque that tells a little about each resident.  A line of closed stone coffins, built into the crypt itself, go from one wall to the other.  Each of the coffins has a brass portrait of the occupant.

One of the coffins has the name Wotan Horner under a portrait of a very large man.  In fact the coffin is empty and when the lid is closed, another panel in the floor will open leading to the basement of the manor house.


The Stables (Area E)

Long since deserted, only the decomposing remnants of hay and oats remains in the stables.  Tack and other riding gear  line the walls, still in usable condition.  A small ladder is propped against one wall leading up into a hayloft.

The hayloft is empty short of a few bales of hay.  There is little of interest in the stables.


The Servant's Quarters (Area F)

A small wooden building that is set next to the manor house.  A line of simple beds, chests, and clothes racks fill this room to bursting.  The beds seem to have been unoccupied for a very long time.


The Garden (Area G)

This small hedgerow garden lies near the manor, but is positioned to gain the most sun from the day.  Well tended, the garden currently seems to be growing carrots, radishes, and a few other leafy greens.  Some digging tools rest on the stone wall of the manor house.


The Hedge Maze (Area H)

This windy maze is magically enchanted to never be the same way twice.  In the center of the maze was once a beautiful clearing, now completely uncared and untended.  A small GAZEBO sits in the center, with small statues of dragons and griffons on pedestals scattered in no particular order around it.  The hedge maze is directly above the Dark shrine in the basement.  The ambient magical energy from the hedge maze easily conceals any dark rituals or sacrifices done below.

2000 J. K. Wykowski & T. Coonrod