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Another fine website you've gotten me into...

Other Small Press Game Systems

Great River Games

Among the best of small press fantasy roleplaying games. The creator's background is steeped in the old school of wargaming, but the game itself is a flexible and voluminous system. His favorite part of the campaign is maps and his site has quite a number of hand drawn maps easily placed inside any campaign.

Resource & Link Sites

Roleplaying at MiningCo.Com

A great site filled with links to other well done roleplaying webpages. The moderator and author Dru is a talented writer and publishes articles on roleplaying and campaign creating. If you can't find it here then it just may not exist.

Irony Games

A website filled with programs for a harried GM. Dice rollers, tavern generators, town builders, and more can be found here.

The Great RPG Archive

It has thousands of links to anything you can want to learn about roleplaying.

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Tripod's Roleplaying Game Pod

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Tripod's Fantasy Pod

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Gamers, Artists, and Author's Homepages

Evil Schemer

A webpage by Christian Conkle. Excellent artwork, funny photos, and one heck of a resume.

Links to Images, Services, and resources used to build this website

Museum of Counter Art

Patrick Feaster's Midi Music

Web of Dreams