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Matthew W. McGinn

Inspirations: Robert Heinlein, G. Gordon Liddy, Johji Mauabe, Masamune Shirow, Adam Warren, Robert K. Dornan, Steven Speilberg, Luc Besson, George Lucas, Yuji Moriyama, Sam Raimi, Ed Greenwood (not the novels), Jeff Grubb, and Kevin McGinn.

I am Matthew W. McGinn, one of the contributing artists and play testers for Alpha Arkana.  I was born in 1976, two years before every parent in the United States named their kid Matthew.  I am a native of Northern Virginia and all of you recent residents can kiss my ass, Keith included.  I have lived in Italy and went to school at Emory & Henry College, which none of you have ever heard of.

I have been role-playing for twelve years since the aforementioned Keith introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons, which I still play (preferring AD&D 2nd Edition).  I currently sell video games.  I am a major fan of anime although I will n ot be called an "otaku" or go around calling associates "-chan".  Not that anyone who takes Dragonball Z seriously is a donkey dick.  I have an unhealthy appreciation for Scandinavian music groups.  For some reason, I also enjoy televised sports, but cannot play them due to my heavy consumption of Budweiser and Pasta-roni.

My current projects include creating a fantasy novel with a semblance of originality, and challenging Sean Connery's kid to a duel for daring to marry Mia Sara.